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Hants and Dorset Trim Workshop

Our Company : 


Hants and Dorset Trim is the trading name of Go South Coast. We were established in 1986 then expanded and moved to new larger premises in 2006.  


We have always had a strong customer base with many long standing relationships and we currently employ approx 70 staff.

Our Mission Statement : 


" Hants & Dorset Trim is the industry leader in the bus refurbishment sector - dedicated to delivering consistently high levels of service and a quality product. "

Our body shop has the space for 24 vehicles and has an output capacity of up to 10

bus refurbishments per week.


Our paint shop has 2 booths with a weekly output of 10 buses.


Our trim shop has a throughput  of over 1000 units per week.


Our parts supply department has a wide range of materials to support day to day operations.

Our Aims :


          To provide a simple, honest, on-time, quality service.

          To ensure our customers receive a consistently good service.

          To ensure that there are effective lines of communication with our

             customers at all times.

          To lead the way in change, always looking to add value and provide innovative


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We are the industries leading bus refurbishment company and can provide a one stop shop for all your refurbishment and repair requirements.  With over 50 years experience in the bus industry you can be sure of a service that will help, support and deliver for your business.


We are committed to getting it right first time and everytime.


If you would like to visit us to see what can be done and discuss your requirements please do not hesitate to contact us on 023 8064 4200

Hants & Dorset Trim

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