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DDA compliance and upgrades within the bus industry.


With bus replacement programmes being cut during the recession many people have concerns that the bus industry will not meet the impending DDA accessibility deadlines.


Over the next 6 years, the need for buses to be accessible to DDA standards is being introduced.


The dates for each of the deadlines are below :


1st January 2015    -   All buses and coaches up to 7.5 tonnes GVW

1st January 2016    -   Single-deck buses over 7.5 tonnes GVW

1st January 2017    -   Double-deck buses

1st January 2020    -   Coaches


The requirements : 


      Wheelchair access ramp

       Wheelchair space with restraint

      Priority seats for passengers

      Space for guide dogs

      Handrails to assist disabled people

      Compliant step heights


DDA Upgrades :  Our DDA upgrades cover all aspects;


      Full certification on site

      Full push test certification provided with all new components

      All paperwork processed and supplied on completion of conversion

      Access to local certifying officer for help and advice.

      Destination upgrades

      Bus stopping sign upgrade


Experience of over 100 completed vehicles.


Most vehicles registered after 1st October 2000 are partially compliant and should only require minimal upgrade work, although all vehicles are different.


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DDA Compliance & Upgrades.

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