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HD Trim Rail Seat Covers


Hants & Dorset Trim - Rail :


HDT has supported train refurbishment contracts since Jan 2010 and we have supplied seat covers and seat trim for the following refresh programs to date:-


      465 class

      375 class

      171 class

      150 class

      455 class

      377 class


We also provide spare rail seat trim products to the following companies in the UK:-




We have recently finished a refurbishment project for London Midland which we were contracted to supply seat covers and trimmed components for their 150 class units.


Our work involved;


      Removal of all the old seats and covers from the trains

      Stripping the covers and foams off the frames

      Replace all the broken springs and foams on the seat frames with new parts

      Cut and sew all new seat covers and fire barrier covers

      Refoam the cushion assembly

      Retrim the cushions ready to fit to the unit along with squab covers and tip up covers.


For further information please contact us today on 023 8064 4200


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